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There are loads of videos about how to use LinkedIn, but weeding through them and finding the right information at the right time, isn’t very easy.
To make it easier for you to get on LinkedIn, and start taking advantage of all the great things LinkedIn has to offer, especially for job seekers, I’ve put together a list 15 of some of my favorites, from getting started with LinkedIn to using it to contact individuals.

Video 1 – What is LinkedIn?
Video 2 – What is LinkedIn? Part 2
Video 3 – LinkedIn Profile Tutorial
Video 4 -¬† How to create an account profile on Linked…
Video 5 -  Critical Elements on Your LinkedIn Profile
Video 6 -  Optimize LinkedIn Profile for SEO
Video 7 -¬† How LinkedIn referrals helped build a company…
Video 8 -  How LinkedIn Answers helped Steven Shimek.
Video 9 -  LinkedIn Marketing, Internet Video Marketing.
Video 10 – LinkedIn Tips – How to invite people
Video 11 -  LinkedIn Tips РHow to invite people
Video 12 -  Use LinkedIn In your job search
Video 13 – LinkedIn for Job Seekers Preview
Video 14 -  How to Use LinkedIn
Video 15 -¬† I’m On LinkedIn, Now What? An Interview with Jason Alba.

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