Referral Job Search Technique Revealed

Referrals continue to be the #1 Source of Hires among employers.

The problem is most job seekers fail to implement a Referral Job Search strategy. Knowing how and why to create a Referral Job Search is the topic of my soon to be released book and training series.

Many job seekers go on and start “Networking”, but “Networking” in its traditional sense, is not a short-term solution to finding a job.¬† It’s great for building contacts and relationships over time, but it’s not effective at finding a job immediately.

There is a better way though…

I was recently interviewed by Jason Davis, owner of, about and my upcoming book on implementing a Referral Job Search.

The premise of a referral job search is finding a company that you want to work for.
Then, finding a contact at that company who will refer you for the position.
This doesn’t have to happen through traditional networking.

Using Social networking is much more effective at this and takes a lot less time.
It also has a lot of other advantages.

The results of a Referral Job Search are extraordinary…

In most all cases..

  • Referral Resumes are Read First!
  • Referrals are almost Always Interviewed!
  • Referrals are the number 1 Source of Hire for most employers
  • The CareerXRoads 2008 Source of Hire Study revealed that 25% or more of referrals were hired by 32% of employers in 2008.

Result— If you are looking for a job, apply through a referral, not through the corporate career center, or a job board.

Referrals Always get preference!

Would you like more information about how to start a Referral Job Search?


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  1. Jonathan,
    Thanks for this important advice you are sharing with the public , I am trying to impliment this technique of referrals through social networking sites and I hope it will start giving back soon
    Best Regards

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