LinkedInfluence Review

For months, I have been following Lewis Howes, author of 2 LinkedIn books, blogger and national speaker on Social Media. There are many great speakers who really get LinkedIn, but Lewis is one of the top, in my mind.

He’s one of those guys that “Get’s It”.
Lewis Howes linkedinfluence
This week, Lewis is launching LinkedInfluence a LinkedIn Training course.
Until now, there really hasn’t been much for “LinkedIn Training” courses. There is tons of “Information Overload” about LinkedIn…. tons of tips on how to do this, and how to do that, etc. But when it comes time to learn LinkedIn, in a easy way, without spending loads of hours trying, failing, and banging your head again the wall, there just hasn’t been much out there.

LinkedInfluence was specifically designed for both the “never ever” to the advanced user. You’ll learn about building your network, creating and growing groups on LinkedIn, as well as promoting events and your business, and building a lead list from LinkedIn.

As someone who helps people with their linkedin profile optimization, I get asked a lot about how to use LinkedIn for different purposes, from building your company presence, personal brand, or searching for a job.

Lewis covers all of this in his video training course.
One of the things I like most about the course is the prices, of course!
Granted, most of the people on LinkedIn are using it specifically to land a job, and as a result, don’t have much extra cash for “training”.

Well, during the product launch, Lewis is only charging $97 for the training.
That’s a steal, because if you think of the amount of time he has put into learning LinkedIn, and you had the opportunity to look over his shoulder for a couple of hours, it would definitely be worth more than $97. Get it now, here!

Here’s what’s in the course:

Module 1: Laying The Foundation

This consists of 10 videos to familiarize users with the various menus and navigation on the site, and help users configure their profile properly. Things such as keyword optimization, how to outline and write a summary, as well as strategies for giving and receiving recommendations.

Module 2: Growing Your Audience

7 videos on building your LinkedIn Network.
If you are promoting your business, Lewis will show you how to build your leads, and unlike any other social network, you can’t download your contacts and their email addresses. In LinkedIn you can, and Lewis talks about this and adding you contacts into a newsletter list.

Module 3: The Next Level

6 videos. Lewis shows how to connect with your network and build authority.

Module 4: Building Your Company

Building your business with LinkedIn Company pages.


Lewis shows how to buy ads on LinkedIn with guest presenter Josh Schoenly.Very compelling traffic source especially for those who have a product to sell.

The normal price for the course is set at $197, but if you buy it now, through this promotional link, you’ll get it for $97 during the launch.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Why do you need LinkedIn Profile Optimization?

With over 90 Million LinkedIn Profiles, the old create a LinkedIn profile, get it 100% complete, and see what happens will no longer get your profile viewed.

To get more views to your profile, and increase your job search potential, business leads, and professional brand, you need to optimize your profile for the keywords that someone would search for.

Your LinkedIn Profile doesn’t have to be absolute, like a resume. Recruiters agree that a profile, while similar to a resume, can be more of a marketing platform for your expertise. Thus allowing you the ability to customize job titles to get search engine ranked.

You can optimize your headline, and your job titles to include your keywords. You need to include your keywords in each of the following fields: Headline, current job title, and past job titles. If you don’t have the exact keyword phrase in each of these fields, it’s likely you won’t show up in high in the search results.

The second critical factor for being found in LinkedIn is your network.
Someone search for a professional like you needs to be connected to you, in either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree. So, it’s imperative that you network is built strategically to include connections in the companies and industries that you want to do business with, or work for.

For instance, if you want to work for Google, or LinkedIn, connect with as many Google and LinkedIn employees as possible. The more connections you have in your industry, the more times your profile is likely to show up in the search results.

Here’s a LinkedIn Profile Optimization video.

LinkedIn IPO – Interesting facts

Today, LinkedIn file their initial intent to for a LinkedIn IPO.

Here are some interesting facts about that came out in the IPO filing:
* LinkedIn will be the first US based Social Networking site to go public.
* LinkedIn brought in $161 Million in the first 9 months of 2010.
* 73% of it’s revenue comes from within the US.
* 27% of its revenue is from premium account fees. Is this just upgraded individual accounts or corporate accounts?
* LinkedIn has 90 Million members, and was growing at a member per second at points within the year.
* From October to December 2010 the site had over 5.5 Billion page views.

Build Relationships ‚Äì Don’t just ‚Äúcollect connections‚Äù on LinkedIn

One of the biggest issues I see, and hear, and read about everyday, is “network building”, or building “connections” on LinkedIn, or getting more “Friends” on Facebook, or more ‚Äúfollowers‚Äù on Twitter.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to build your personal brand, look for a job, or sell or market your products or services…

Relationships are the currency of the theory that states people buy from people they “Know, Like, and Trust”.

“Connections” and “Friends” and “Followers” are not Relationships.

Just because your house is wired for electricity it doesn’t mean the lights will turn on. You have to send electricity through the wires before the lights actually turn on.

Your connections or friends or followers are simply the wiring. Your expertise, knowledge, and sharing with others is the electricity.

When you start building your online brand or network, you need to install the wiring first. You need to build connections.

Then, and only then, can you start sharing your expertise and watch the network light up.

Free LinkedIn Webinar – Mastering LinkedIn

Lately, I’ve been coaching a lot of people on “How to use LinkedIn”.
Some want to learn how to use LinkedIn for their job search, others for building their network, and other for differentiating themselves and building their personal brand.

With just a little understanding of how LinkedIn works, and a clear strategy, all my clients are getting incredible results… and Quickly, I might add!

You see, LinkedIn isn’t really hard, as long as you know exactly what to do with it.

So, instead of having clients pay me to repeat myself, I figured I do a webinar and let you, my followers, listen in for FREE!

If you ever wanted to really learn how to use LinkedIn, now’s the time.

To get more information, about times, etc. visit here:

  • Imagine sitting down with someone who has spent 100’s of hours using, teaching, and testing LinkedIn.
  • Imagine you had the opportunity to ask that expert your burning question about LinkedIn.
  • Imagine how much time you could save.
  • Imagine how quickly you could start getting more connections and leads from LinkedIn.

Well, you won’t get that kind of service from LinkedIn…But you will from me.

There are only a limited number of “seats” available for the webinar, and since it’s Free, they are going to fill up quickly.

So, if your interested in learning about LinkedIn, for FREE, sign up Now!

P.S. On the sign-up sheet, you can enter any questions that you have about LinkedIn.

I’m planning on spending 20 minutes of the 60 minutes on Q&A. So, sign-up, and send me your questions.

P.P.S. By the way, if you can’t make it do to a schedule conflict, or you find out about the webinar after the fact, please sign up anyways. I will be recording the session. I’ll send the link to the recording to you if you sign up. If¬† you don’t sign up, you’ll miss out. We don’t want that to happen.