TubeMogul – Your Personal Branding Video Ad Distribution Network!

This morning, launched their Video Distribution and Advertising Network.
They’ve been working on it for months. I can’t wait to see how it affects Personal Branding Videos.

From a personal branding point of view, this might be a major Tipping Point for targeting your niche audience. Personal Branding is all about Authority and Authenticity. It’s about being you, being good at what you do, and being willing to believe in yourself.

With those combination of attitudes and a clear message, it’s much easier to be considered an Authority and Subject Matter Expert.

I think the relaunch is going to be an excellent tool in one’s Personal Branding Toolbox. If the distribution network lives up to its targeting potential, it will give us the opportunity to target our video branding messages to larger audiences, at a fraction of the traditional video marketing and advertising mediums.

So, if you are marketing yourself through Personal Branding, in specific professional niches, it’s possible to penetrate deeper into those niches as well as spread you message to other niches with limited increased costs.

What are your thoughts?
Do you see personal branding moving to video and video distribution that is highly targeted?
Let me and your fellow readers know your thoughts.

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