Build Relationships ‚Äì Don’t just ‚Äúcollect connections‚Äù on LinkedIn

One of the biggest issues I see, and hear, and read about everyday, is “network building”, or building “connections” on LinkedIn, or getting more “Friends” on Facebook, or more ‚Äúfollowers‚Äù on Twitter.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to build your personal brand, look for a job, or sell or market your products or services…

Relationships are the currency of the theory that states people buy from people they “Know, Like, and Trust”.

“Connections” and “Friends” and “Followers” are not Relationships.

Just because your house is wired for electricity it doesn’t mean the lights will turn on. You have to send electricity through the wires before the lights actually turn on.

Your connections or friends or followers are simply the wiring. Your expertise, knowledge, and sharing with others is the electricity.

When you start building your online brand or network, you need to install the wiring first. You need to build connections.

Then, and only then, can you start sharing your expertise and watch the network light up.

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