LinkedIn Groups – great for engagement, bad for advertisers and spammers.

LinkedIn groups are a great place for engagement, professional networking, and education. They’re also one of the most valuable tools for sales and marketing professionals. LinkedIn groups are great for finding highly qualified prospects. Prospects who have self-selected their professional interests, job titles, levels of expertise, and possibly even geographic region, etc, by simply being...

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Infographic – Content Marketing Needs to Convert to Leads

I have a lot of clients who get really excited about the content marketing piece of their online marketing strategy. What’s not to get excited about? Hopefully, you’re passionate about what you are doing! Content Marketing can work, but just creating content to create content, isn’t the best way to market your product or services. It’s not good for your personal or company...

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Ironman Canada 2011 – Hours til the gun.

Tomorrow is the big day… Ironman Canada. Penticton is a buzz with incredibly fit people. It’s warm and sunny (80 degrees at 9pm last night). Apparently, the founder of Ironman Canada chose Penticton, British Columbia because the heat was the closest way of mimicking the conditions of the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. I’m a little nervous, but there nothing more I can...

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