September, 2009

Top 10 Benefits of Using Twitter for a Job Search

Twitter is growing exponentially. Employer’s are using Twitter and other social sites to research job applicants. But still, few job seekers have no idea how to use Twitter for a job search. One of the primary drivers of twitter growth has been the ability to share and find information.¬† Savvy Job seekers can use Twitter and this real-time information feature to not only research...

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Ignore Social Networking during a job search at your own peril!

45% of Employers are using Social Networking sites to research job seekers CareerBuilder recently polled 2,667 hiring managers about their use of social networking in the recruiting process. The results of the poll are something that every job seeker, no matter what level of experience or industry should come to understand. The job search rules have changed. The process of simply applying with...

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Jobing buys Cheezhead for SEO move

Has Cheezhead lost his mind, selling to Yesterday, September 9, 2009, announced the acquisition of the Cheezhead Group, with infamous HR blogger, Joel Cheesman. Why would a Aaron Matos, CEO of, want to buy a notoriously outspoken blogger? While the answer might seem strange, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the #1 reason. Over the years,...

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