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Free LinkedIn Webinar – Mastering LinkedIn

Lately, I’ve been coaching a lot of people on “How to use LinkedIn”. Some want to learn how to use LinkedIn for their job search, others for building their network, and other for differentiating themselves and building their personal brand. With just a little understanding of how LinkedIn works, and a clear strategy, all my clients are getting incredible results… and...

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization (SEO) Interview – Jonathan Duarte

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Live LinkedIn Profile Optimization Career Coaching call, you’re in luck. Below is the LinkedIn SEO interview, between Dane Golden, of, and Jonathan Duarte (ME), of Watch the tips on LinkedIn job search tips. Dane Golden, from, uploaded the highlight video to Youtube. There are some great tips on why you...

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LinkedIn Job Search Videos

There are loads of videos about how to use LinkedIn, but weeding through them and finding the right information at the right time, isn’t very easy. To make it easier for you to get on LinkedIn, and start taking advantage of all the great things LinkedIn has to offer, especially for job seekers, I’ve put together a list 15 of some of my favorites, from getting started with LinkedIn to...

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