Facebook’s New Job App will Eat Monster!

With the recent announcement of the long-awaited “Facebook Job App”, and having read some pretty negative reviews, I started wondering what kind of impact will Facebook really have in the “recruiting industry”. First off, everyone wonders… “Will this kill LinkedIn?” Not at all. I think LinkedIn will benefit from the competition. In the recruiting world...

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Is Is Facebook affecting your job search? You’d better believe it!

I recently polled my Free Job Tips Newsletter members to understand how job seekers were using social and professional networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. I also wanted to understand what job seekers were doing with social networking sites; including, what was working during their job search, and what wasn’t. The results of the poll, suggest that job seekers don’t...

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Social Media Recruiting- Is your company saying “We don’t care!”

You NEED a Social Strategy! Even a basic one! Your top recruits are already using sites like LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter. They’re out there looking for you! What are they finding? We are here! We are a great company to work for! Come, see for yourself! or We don’t get it!” We don’t care!” Even if you have a company presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, or FaceBook,...

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