LinkedIn Profile Tips – Don’t be a “Quota Killer”!

reuters clip

If you heard any of the political news in the last election cycle, you might have come across a news story where the reporter states something like… “Politician’s LinkedIn Profile says…“, or “According to his/her LinkedIn Profile…” As a LinkedIn speaker and trainer, I read a lot of articles about LinkedIn profiles. Today, I came [...]

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LinkedIn Mistakes – What Not to do!

I get a lot of email and spam from my LinkedIn connections. Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t seem to do much about spam. I really wish they would. At least that would control the spam that I get from within LinkedIn. Today, though, I got an email from one of my first degree connections. It was sent [...]

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The End of the Yahoo! 4 Hour Work Week!


In a recent announcement, Yahoo CEO, Marrissa Mayer, decided that it’s time to end “The Yahoo 4 hour Work Week!”. From my personal experience, Yahoo has been living the “4 hour work week” with a culture of non-accountability. Several years ago, I was working on a job advertising partnership with Yahoo. No one on the [...]

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How to Increase your LinkedIn Profile Views by 500% in 6 weeks or less

Breaking through wall

I just finished reading 10 Tips to LinkedIn Status Updates by Andy Robinson. This is a fantastic list of things you can do to Add Value to your professional network, meanwhile increasing the number of visitors to your profile. If you’re using LinkedIn to build your Personal Brand, get noticed by employers and recruiters, or [...]

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Talent Pipelines [Infographic]

Talent Pipelines Infographic

Sometimes it’s hard to define a “Talent Pipeline” to the many constituents involved in the hiring process. Here’s a great Infographic from Qualigence that defines the process well.

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