Social Selling

Infographic – Content Marketing Needs to Convert to Leads

I have a lot of clients who get really excited about the content marketing piece of their online marketing strategy. What’s not to get excited about? Hopefully, you’re passionate about what you are doing! Content Marketing can work, but just creating content to create content, isn’t the best way to market your product or services. It’s not good for your personal or company...

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How to build a Professional LinkedIn Profile that Engages

You’re prospects and clients are on LinkedIn, and they’re looking for Trusted Advisors. If you want to build relationships with them you’ll have to learn a new way of selling. It’s called Social Selling! One of the first steps in creating a social selling presence, is making sure your LinkedIn profile entices, educates and nurtures your clients and prospects. In many...

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How to leverage Senior Executives for Social Selling on LinkedIn.

One of the fastest ways to get up to speed on LinkedIn and Social Selling is by connecting with your fellow employees and especially your senior management teams. It’s simple, free, and the results can be truly amazing! As a seller, when you use LinkedIn for prospecting, the search results are going to show profile snippets based on your connections. When you find a decision maker, or...

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