JobsInLogistics acquires Net-temps – Great combo!

JobsInLogistics-NetTempsJobsInLogistics, one of the strongest brands in the transportation niche recruiting niche, announced the acquisition of, one of the pioneers of Internet Recruiting, and one of the strongest brands in the Temp-to-Perm and part-time recruiting and staffing niche.

As a long time Internet recruiting veteran and Internet job board pioneer, I’m always interested, and more often, then not, amazed at many of the mergers and acquisitions within the HR technology and Internet Recruiting market.

Many of the Venture Capital funded companies never get off the ground, because they never had a business plan or technology that had much hope of really working (think BranchOut, Jobster, or any and all “automated psychological profile job matching algorithm companies”).

Recently, Glassdoor raised an additional $50 Million, bringing their total investment to over $90 Million. I don’t know the recent valuation for Glassdoor, but if the investors wanted a 10X return, Glassdoor would have to sell for well over $900 Million (a little under the current public valuation of and, combined).

So, seeing two of the best brands merge, who can provide synergies to each other in a real-profitable way, is always exciting.

Congratulations to Don Firth, of, and Sue and Gregg Booth of Net-temps!

What are your thoughts about the acquisition? acquires onTargetJobs – $50 Million cash

Dice Holdings, the parent company of,, Slashdot, and other properties, today announced the purchase of onTargetJobs, the parent company of, HealtheCareers, and Biospace.

The purchase was for $50 million in cash, based on trailing 12 months revenues of approximately $38 million.

The acquisition seems to go along with Dice CEO, Mike Durney’s, vertical roll-up strategy within niche job boards.

The question will remain, can DICE extend the brands and increase revenue across the brands, like they have done with Rigzone, or are they going to leave the brands in autonomy, like the recent acquisition of ITJobBoard in Europe.

DICE has a lot on it’s plate right now. Integrating Open Web, it’s social sourcing tool, it purchase 12 months ago, into the search engine, and extending that beyond to other brands.

The Hcareers acquisition will put Dice into the hospitality segment, where it has never competed previously. The HealthECareers seems to be redundant based on their acquisition of AllHealthCareJobs a couple of years back.

The End of the Yahoo! 4 Hour Work Week!

In a recent announcement, Yahoo CEO, Marrissa Mayer, decided that it’s time to end “The Yahoo 4 hour Work Week!”.

From my personal experience, Yahoo has been living the “4 hour work week” with a culture of non-accountability.
Several years ago, I was working on a job advertising partnership with Yahoo.
No one on the Yahoo team would make a decision.
No one was ever “available” to make a decision.
Then, someone would come back to the table and say, OK, we have approval.
We would draft the documents and send them to their legal team.

The document was only 5 pages, mostly boilerplate stuff, but it would take several more weeks. I later learned that the “legal department” was actually outsourced to a big firm, and since their was no accountability on the part of the entire Yahoo team, the legal team just kept billing, billing, and billing.

Of course, the document that we sent to get reviewed was returned with notes saying that Yahoo could not agree to those terms, and so we would do it again.

After three attempts at working through this complete incompetence, I finally got the Yahoo “authority” on the phone, and told them to find someone else’s time to waste. (The actual text was more like “go blank yourselves and get a real job”.)

So, after hearing the news that Marrissa was going to put an end to the “4 Hour Work Week” culture at Yahoo, I knew exactly what she going after… the lack of accountability.

Good for Marrissa! Good for Yahoo!

Flexible time for employees is a great benefit. Many responsible employees can, and do work better remotely. However, Yahoo is in a position where they need all-hands-on-deck. They need a culture change.

The employees who are committed to turning Yahoo around will stay and weather the culture change that has to happen. The rest… well they’ll be posting their resume on Monster. (Does Monster even exist anymore? Oh.. that’s another story.)

IRONMAN: They really don’t know

A couple of days ago, after severely injuring my low back while training for Ironman Canada (coming up in 3 weeks), I was referred to Chiro-Medical, a top notch Athletes Chiropractor and Medical office in San Francisco. (which I highly recommend… my Chiropractor was Daniel Lord, D.C).

With my head in my hands, dealing with the lower back pain, I slowly looked up an saw the following painting and quote on the wall.

Here’s the text from the quote.
Real inspiration. Especially as the date of my first Ironman triathlon looms closer.

They don’t really know!

Everyone seems to know that an IRONMAN is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and then a 26.2 mile run. 140.6 miles completed in 17 hours or less. But do they really know? It rolls off of their tongue as easily as discussing the local 5K that they ran or a hard, hot, and challenging ¬? marathon that they survived last summer. But do they really know?

It used to bother you when they said, “IRONMAN, oh yea, that’s really cool. My friend does those all the time. She does like 8 or 10 of them a year, but mostly just local ones though!”

That’s when you realize that They Don’t Know and it’s not important that they do know. It’s only important that you know. IRONMAN is personal, very personal. IRONMAN is everything for that day. There is nothing more important than crossing that line; and you will cross the line, no matter what. Quitting is not an option. IRONMAN defines you and in many cases it redefines you.

IRONMAN is your commitment, dedication, preparation, determination and perseverance to train for an event that in the beginning seems impossible to finish.

IRONMAN is pain, agony and the almost reckless passion of pushing yourself beyond the limits of what you are capable of.

IRONMAN shows you that boundaries are made to be broken. All of this to compete against your own best effort for that day.

At the end of that day, everyone at the finish line knows, and you know that for this day‚Ķ and forever‚Ķ YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!”

- Cole Braun, Founder, RACC, and 8 time Ironman Finisher.

The poster and quote above are for sale, with proceeds benefiting Racers Against Childhood Cancers. To purchase a print, or support RACC, click here

TubeMogul – Your Personal Branding Video Ad Distribution Network!

This morning, launched their Video Distribution and Advertising Network.
They’ve been working on it for months. I can’t wait to see how it affects Personal Branding Videos.

From a personal branding point of view, this might be a major Tipping Point for targeting your niche audience. Personal Branding is all about Authority and Authenticity. It’s about being you, being good at what you do, and being willing to believe in yourself.

With those combination of attitudes and a clear message, it’s much easier to be considered an Authority and Subject Matter Expert.

I think the relaunch is going to be an excellent tool in one’s Personal Branding Toolbox. If the distribution network lives up to its targeting potential, it will give us the opportunity to target our video branding messages to larger audiences, at a fraction of the traditional video marketing and advertising mediums.

So, if you are marketing yourself through Personal Branding, in specific professional niches, it’s possible to penetrate deeper into those niches as well as spread you message to other niches with limited increased costs.

What are your thoughts?
Do you see personal branding moving to video and video distribution that is highly targeted?
Let me and your fellow readers know your thoughts.