August, 2011

Ironman Canada 2011 – Hours til the gun.

Tomorrow is the big day… Ironman Canada. Penticton is a buzz with incredibly fit people. It’s warm and sunny (80 degrees at 9pm last night). Apparently, the founder of Ironman Canada chose Penticton, British Columbia because the heat was the closest way of mimicking the conditions of the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. I’m a little nervous, but there nothing more I can...

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IRONMAN: They really don’t know

A couple of days ago, after severely injuring my low back while training for Ironman Canada (coming up in 3 weeks), I was referred to Chiro-Medical, a top notch Athletes Chiropractor and Medical office in San Francisco. (which I highly recommend… my Chiropractor was Daniel Lord, D.C). With my head in my hands, dealing with the lower back pain, I slowly looked up an saw the following...

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