February, 2011

LinkedInfluence Review

For months, I have been following Lewis Howes, author of 2 LinkedIn books, blogger and national speaker on Social Media. There are many great speakers who really get LinkedIn, but Lewis is one of the top, in my mind. He’s one of those guys that “Get’s It”. This week, Lewis is launching LinkedInfluence a LinkedIn Training course. Until now, there really hasn’t been...

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ICANN victory for .Jobs Charter Compliance Coalition and HRSEO.

ICANN Decision Supports .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition, stating that .JOBS Domain Cannot be Used to Operate Job Boards, which means universe.jobs must be shut down. Congratulations to the .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition! This is a big win for the IAEWS, employers, HRSEO advocates, and vendors. SPECIAL BULLETIN • ICANN Issues Notice for Employ Media to Cease Operation of “Dot...

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Why do you need LinkedIn Profile Optimization? With over 90 Million LinkedIn Profiles, the old create a LinkedIn profile, get it 100% complete, and see what happens will no longer get your profile viewed. To get more views to your profile, and increase your job search potential, business leads, and professional brand, you need to optimize your profile for the keywords that someone would search...

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