LinkedIn Spam Attack can steal your bank passwords

LinkedIn users were hit with fake invitation requests, that if activated could steal bank account passwords, as reported by PCWorld.

The fake emails looked like similar LinkedIn invitations, as in the picture below. The big difference is the links redirect to non-LinkedIn pages, containing malware, which steals data from your computer without you knowing it.

I found loads of fake LinkedIn inviations in my gmail spam folder. Google figured out what was going on and separated them out from my regular mail. Thanks Google!

Before you click on one of the links, be careful to hover over the hyperlinks and make sure they redirect to LinkedIn, and not some bogus web site.

The tipping point for social recruiting… Adecco slashes spending on paid job boards.

If you are currently looking for a job or considering a career change, please consider the news below…

On September 24th, 2010, Addecco, the U.S. arm of staffing giant Adecco SA, announced that it slashed it’s spending on online job boards by from $6 Milllion to $2 Million between 2007-2009.

Addecco is the first major company, in my knowledge, who has publicly stated they have been slashing their spends on large job boards. While most major employers have been doing this, Addecco seems to be the first company to publicize this fact.

To anyone in the recruiting industry, this probably isn’t much news, to anyone else, this is probably the “Tipping Point” in regards to managing an effective job search.

“In my 15 years of Internet recruiting experience, we have never seen a technology disruption like this in the past,” says Jonathan Duarte, founder of, a Career and Reputation Management firm.

For almost 2 decades, now, the process of finding a job has come down to surfing major job boards, and then “clicking n’ applying” to jobs. Over the last 2 years, both employers and job seekers have learned that this haphazard approach simply isn’t very effective.

Recruiters are now finding more qualified candidates from professional networking sites like LinkedIn and search engines!

Addecco announced that they slashed spending on paid job boards like and and instead drives applicants to its site from free job search engines and social media sites like LinkedIn, an executive said on Friday.

Follow the money!

LinkedIn is becoming a primary recruiting channel for employers who want access to employed professionals. By contrast, candidates that come via paid job boards are often unqualified, raising costs for recruiters who have to wade through irrelevant resumes,” Adecco said.

This is important to job seekers because it shows how employer a employers are now hiring. While they are continuing to use the big job boards, they are finding more qualified candidates on LinkedIn.

The bottom line: Employers are using professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for a job, or are considering a job or career change, you might want to consider learning how to use LinkedIn effectively for your job search, professional profile, or personal branding.

Here is a video that describes how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile:

Click here: LinkedIn Profile Optimization Video!

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