May, 2010

LinkedIn Twitter App Review… Maybe or Maybe Not!

Last week, LinkedIn, announced some new updates that let’s users connect their LinkedIn connections with their Twitter connections. In theory, the application sounds great. You’ve done all the work at building your LinkedIn Connections. You jumped on Twitter, to start building your personal brand, or keep up to date with companies and news, etc. The only problem, you have all these...

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The Google Adwords job search!

This has to be one of my favorite job search strategies… It’s simple, inexpensive, and highly successful. It worked because it was Highly Targeted! It might work for you too… if you specifically target your job search. Alec didn’t find his job while searching through job boards. He researched and found the 5 people that could offer him a job doing what he wanted to do. He...

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The Ultimate Summer Job! – Getting Paid to Road Trip!

Have you ever wondered what the ultimate summer job could be? I think these guys figured it out… Road Trip across the US with your friend and get paid $50,000 for expenses. Sound too good to be true? Check it out… The Ultimate Summer...

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